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What is ‘YGHN’?

YGHN stands for You Go Home Now. It's poker slang that's used in a cocky and highly confident manner when a player has beaten another player's strong hand. It's the opposite to stating IGHN, which stands for I'll Go Home Now, which is used when a player has been bested, and is either admitting defeat, or openly declaring that they will be leaving the game.

‘YGHN’ Explained

A term that's likely used to put the defeated player 'on tilt', YGHN is akin to saying 'walk away, this is mine' or 'leave the room, you've lost'. It's not something that would be said by a true sportsman or someone with basic manners and a sense of modesty. There is always a high that comes with winning a game, but it's up to the winner to not let that completely go to their head. Gloating and unfavourable behaviour goes against casino etiquette will likely ensure that other players will leave the table and that invites to private games will sharply decline.A chance to use YGHN might arise in a situation where an opposing player has called and laid out a 'straight' of a five of diamonds, six of clubs, seven of diamonds, eight of hearts and a nine of spades. This a very strong hand that any player would be happy to be in possession of.However, say you were to fan out your hand in response, showcasing a full house with a King of clubs, King of diamonds, King of hearts, a ten of hearts and a ten of clubs - then you have surely beaten their strong hand.At which point you could utter 'You Go Home Now'.The term was abbreviated for the sake of online casinos, where chat windows are used, but the term has now woven its way into the physical world.