What is a ‘Withdrawal’?

A withdrawal refers to online casinos and sports betting sites where players have to withdraw their winnings from their online account to their bank account or card. Withdrawals don’t tend to happen in normal casinos because players bet with chips. They can exchange their chips for money when they’ve finished.

Players playing with a bonus, such as a first deposit bonus, may not be able to withdraw it until they have met the terms and conditions of the bonus. Other times, their winnings may take a while to appear as withdrawable. If that’s the case, players should wait a few hours before contacting customer support.

‘Withdrawal’ Explained

To make a withdrawal on most online casinos or sportsbooks, a player simply needs to go into their account, click withdraw, type the amount they wish to withdraw, and click confirm. The money can take up to five days to reach their account. Usually, large online companies have an option to cancel the withdrawal, just in case a player has made a mistake or needs the money to make another bet.

A player needs to register their card or account with the online casino or sportsbook to make deposits and withdrawals. In almost every circumstance this must be the player’s card. If the company detects a card in somebody else’s name, they can bar the player from opening an account. Sometimes, a casino or sportsbook can request additional information, such as if addresses don’t match, in the case of a player opening an account under an address outside the country they currently live in. Evidence such as photographs of their bank card and a bank statement featuring their address may be required. If these are requested, players should make sure they remove any information that could lead to misuse, including the security number on the back strip of their card.

On some online casinos, players can register up to five cards on their account. Some online casinos and sportsbooks allow players to deposit and withdraw to online payment systems such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller.