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Win Rate

What is 'Win Rate'?

In the most simple terms, the win rate is how often a player can expect to win at a game per hour. This win rate might appear as a percentage, a number of hands or a monetary sum. The term appears most frequently in blackjack and poker, and relates to how many hands a player can reasonably expect to win per hour. The win rate is based on game odds and the house edge, along with other factors relevant to the specific game. Win rates are also important for table based games and in slots play.

'Win Rate' Explained

The win rate of any particular game matters to both the player and the casino. The casino wants their own high win rate, and sets a house edge that ensures they have more chance of making the win, but the punters also want a reasonable win rate so they have a chance of coming out on top. The win rate is essentially how many hands a player can expect to win in an hour of play, or how much money the player might earn from a set number of hands.Win rates are based on game odds and averages, including those which favour the casino, and on previous game history and industry standards. The win rate is a fixed value unless the game chances include variables. Although it is not a guarantee of success, the win rate does give a player some idea of the fluctuations they can expect and the chance of winning they will have. Casinos can calculate and adjust the win rate as required.While win rates are most commonly talked about in card games like blackjack and poker, they apply to almost any form of gambling gameplay. Slot machines, craps tables and video poker games all have their own win rate.