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Wild Symbol

What is a Wild Symbol?

Wild appears frequently in gambling to describe a card that can be substituted for any other, to complete a hand or to make a run. The term has carried into slot gaming, where players spin reels and try to land symbol combinations to win. In slots, wild symbols appear along with the other symbols in the game. These symbols will substitute for any other in the board, giving the player a far greater chance of making a winning line - or several! Wild symbols in video slots can be static or dynamic, with expanding symbols, bonus rounds and more triggered when a wild is spun.

Wild Symbol Explained

Players in slots are hoping to achieve a line on the playing board with two or more symbols on the same line. Slots almost always read left to right, although scatter symbols can achieve a win wherever they fall on the board. Wild symbols usually complete a standard line by substituting for another symbol. A win of 7-7-7 on any win line could also be made as Wild-7-7 or 7-Wild-7 or 7-7-Wild, for example. Wild symbols can turn a three-match win into a combination of four, or give you two or more line wins from different symbols by completing multiple lines at once.In some slot games, wild symbols will have additional values and features. They might be expanding wilds, which means they stretch across the reel and complete more lines at once. A set of wild symbols might also trigger a bonus round, or spark a multiplier feature. All slots games have different rules surrounding wild symbols, but wilds do appear in almost any video slot. Wild symbols are most usually a feature of video slots or online slots. They also sometimes appear as a static feature of more traditional fruit machines, but this is rare.View the best casinos for slots here.