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Wild Royal Flush

What is a 'Wild Royal Flush'?

A wild royal flush is a non-standard poker hand in a game which has been designated a wild card game. Wild card poker games contain one or more cards (usually the Joker) designated as wild with the agreement of all players.There are two types of wild card: 'fully wild', which can be designated as any card the player chooses; and the 'bug' card, which has a fixed value, usually Ace. Fully wild games are often played at home with friends, while bug games are popular in casinos.In terms of rank, standard poker hands outrank wild hands. For example, a royal flush outranks a wild royal flush, which outranks a straight flush, which outranks a wild straight flush and so on.A wildcard can only be used to replace another card in the deck. For example, if your hand is Ac-Ad-Ah-As-Jr, you cannot substitute the Joker for another Ace because there isn't another Ace available in the deck.

'Wild Royal Flush' Explained

In this example, we will use deuces as a fully wild card, ensuring there are four wild cards in the deck. This is preferable to using the Joker because there is usually only one Joker in a pack and since it is rarely used in card games, the Joker often has a more polished unused appearance compared to the other cards, making it easy to spot.You have been dealt As-2d as your hole cards, don’t forget we are using deuces as wild cards which can represent any other card we choose. In this case, it makes sense to change it to an Ad. We are now essentially sat on a pair of Aces.On the flop we see Js-4h-Ks, our best hand is still a pair of Aces but we could change it to something else like 4h-Js-2d-Ks-As, in which case our deuces 2d represents the Qs. Not quite a wild royal flush, but getting there.On the turn card we get 10d, the community cards are now Js-4h-Ks-10d. Our best hand is represented as 10d-Js-2d-Ks-As, a wild straight with our deuces representing Qs, or any Queen for that matter.On the final river card, we come up trumps dropping a 2h, another deuce card. We can now use this card to complete our wild royal flush 2h-Js-2d-Ks-As, where the 2h represents 10s and 2d represents Qs. Please note, the deuce in the community cards can be used by any other player to complete their hand. Although it is unlikely they will beat our wild royal flush.