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White Label

What is 'White Label'?

'White label' means a service or a product that is produced by a company and supplied wholesale to another company, which then re-brands the product as their own. It is common in online franchising and white label software is a common way to start an online casino business. White label casinos are set up by an experienced development company and then sold to a third party. That third party is responsible for the casino brand and marketing, though perhaps not the general support and management.

'White Label' Explained

White label software allows just about anyone to set up an online casino, without needing a large amount of capital. This is why there are so many different casinos opening across the web. A white label casino is operated and managed at the technical level by its developers, but is branded and sold by another company. Both parties take a cut. Prices and rates at a white label casino might, therefore, be a little higher, to cover the cuts expected by both parties.White label casinos are becoming increasingly common, as they can be set up quickly and are already licensed. This type of casino has a customer support service already established and games are sourced from leading developers, so the buyer or leaseholder does not need to start from scratch to get the business up and running. Many of the leading online casinos are not white label, but were developed and designed by the operating company. However, many of those casinos' partner sites will be white label franchises. Play at a white label casino should be just as safe and secure as any other kind of establishment, though you may find that bonuses and free gifts are a little lacking in the early days of any casino business.