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What is a ‘Wallet’?

A 'wallet' is a physical or digital holder for money, bank cards and other important financial details. It can also be used as a slang term relating to a casino player's available funds - for example, having a 'full wallet' means being prepared to play the high stakes, and a 'light wallet' is a balance that is running short. Players who use online casinos might make use of a 'digital wallet' - an online payment service that securely holds their financial details.

‘Wallet’ Explained

If a player refers to their wallet, they might mean an actual item used to carry money and cards. Wallets are often made of leather or fabric, and they are designed to be fastened so that coins, notes and cards are kept safe. Thanks to modern technology, digital wallets are also available and they can be used when shopping online, as well as at some physical premises. These digital wallets are protected by passwords and they allow players to spend with confidence online. To place bets online with a digital wallet, players approve a deposit transaction and those funds will be ready to play.A player might also refer to their 'wallet' meaning the funds they have to play with. If a player says that their wallet is 'light', they mean they have very little money left, and if they have a 'full wallet', they are prepared to hit the tables and play hard. Players might often refer to a win as a 'boost to the wallet', or say that a run of bad luck has been 'hard on the wallet'. These phrases are more common when talking about sports betting, where cash bets are placed. In land-based casinos, players tend to talk about their balance in terms of 'chips' and 'stacks' as most bets are placed using chips or tokens.