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Wait for the Blind

What is to 'Wait for the Blind'?

When a player is able to join a game of poker after action has already begun - in a casino cash game for example - some clubs will actively look to prevent that player from receiving any "free hands". If that players sits down in a seat which is just to the right of where the blinds currently sit, then that player could be dealt a number of hands of two cards without having to put their hand in their pocket once to pay for the privilege.

'Wait for the Blind' Explained

One method of preventing this which is often seen in casino cash games is the requirement to "wait for the blind" when sitting down for the first time at a table. This means that wherever the new player decides to sit down, they will be unable to play and will not be dealt cards until the blind comes round to them. Once they have posted their blind, and played that hand, they are then a normal part of the game and will be dealt hands in turn as normal. Other methods of controlling this include the requirement for all players to post a blind when it would not normally be required in sequence on their first hand, allowing them to be dealt cards as soon as they sit down, and forcing them to pay for them and play them. This can be done either by forcing the player to sit down at the blind position, or they post blind regardless of the position that they enter on - otherwise, they just have to patiently wait for the blind.