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Visible Cards

What are ‘Visible Cards?

'Visible cards' are cards which can be seen by everyone at the table. They are sometimes shared by every player and sometimes belong to a single individual.Visible cards appear in most forms of casino games, with the exception of draw games. Visible cards are also known as 'door cards' or 'open cards', as well as 'face up cards'.

‘Visible Cards’ Explained

In stud and Hold'Em poker games, there are a number of cards which are dealt face up to the table - that is, all players can see what they are. In community card games like Hold'Em, these 'visible cards' are shared by the whole table, and players have their own cards with which to make a better hand than that on the board. In stud games, all cards belong to the individual's hand but some of the cards are exposed to the rest of the table, adjusting the advantage when it comes to betting.In stud games, these visible cards are often called 'open cards' or 'door cards'. The down cards are 'hole cards' or 'hidden cards'. Because not all of their hand is visible, players are able to use clever bluffing strategies to manipulate betting and to give themselves a chance at the pot. In community games, players receive two cards in their hand and these remain hidden from their opponents. The visible cards are revealed at various stages during the game.'Visible cards' can also apply to accidentally exposed cards, though this is less common. A card that is visible by mistake is usually the result of incorrect handling or a dealer error. Depending on when the card was exposed and who caused it to happen, it might be required to play on or it might be withdrawn and exchanged for a replacement.