VIP Casino

What is a ‘VIP Casino’?

VIP Casino may refer to an area of an online or bricks-and-mortar casino designated specifically for VIP customers, or a casino programme to designate favored customers as VIPs. While comps and bonuses are regularly handed out to patrons of both online and real life casinos, for particularly valued customers and high rollers, many casinos operate a VIP programme. This is usually either by invitation only or by amassing a very large number of points from playing games and VIP advantages can vary drastically from casino to casino. In addition, many casinos have a tiered VIP system, with higher rollers being given even more rewards.

‘VIP Casino’ Explained

For real bricks and mortar casinos, huge efforts are made to draw high rollers to the tables, which often includes a VIP programme. These typically consist of extremely large comps – as well as getting priority attention from the staff, they can include free use of the casino’s best suites, free transport, tickets to shows in the area and more.

In online casinos, similar comps can exist as VIP members are invited to participate in real-world tournaments. For online bonuses, the VIP can receive extras such as an account manager, rebates, tournament invitations and more. Sometimes this is merely a higher level of a bonus system applying to all players and sometimes it is a separate section kept apart from the rest of the casino.

Although VIPs are highly prized by casinos, the amount of money required to sustain a high level of betting means that there are very few of them and the vast majority of casinos both online and offline make their money from averagely wealthy players and customers who bet small amounts. Nonetheless, the largest VIP programmes can offer highly expensive benefits.

It can be tricky trying to find online casinos which accommodate VIPs really well so take a look at our guide to VIP casinos where we show you the best casinos to join.