VIP Player

What is a ‘VIP Player’?

VIP stands for Very Important Person. In casinos and gambling, ‘VIP’ refers to a regular player who spends a lot of time and wagers big money at the establishment. These players are valuable to the casino and their return business is very welcome, so they are often treated with special care and attention by casino staff and managers. VIP players may get additional comps and other luxury gifts and can access special services like credit lines. Online casinos often have special VIP programs which are tiered based on gameplay and give players access to luxury treats and rewards.

‘VIP Player’ Explained

In casino culture, the players who attend casinos regularly get the best treatment from the house. In bricks and mortar casinos, this could mean free drinks and meals for these VIPs, or the chance to stay in one of the casino’s best suites. VIPs also get the most attentive service and plenty of additional gifts and extras. All players are likely to qualify for some level of comps such as free drinks while they play, but it is those VIPs who will get the very best rewards. Comps hustlers who have moved to online play might like to try for the VIP program. It is based on deposits, play, length of membership and other factors.

In online casinos, comps are more likely to be monetary. Players might get loyalty points for regular play, or receive complimentary deposit bonuses. If a player is a regular visitor to the online casino and they wager a lot of money on the games, that player might be added to the site’s VIP program. They will receive more rewards and a higher level of service. VIP rewards might include trips away, meals at fine restaurants or even luxury holidays. These gifts are designed to show the player they are important to the casino and to keep them playing at the establishment which is rewarding them.

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