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Two Fat Ladies

What is ‘Two Fat Ladies’?

'Two fat ladies' is a common bingo term used to describe the number 88. When 88 makes its way out of the bingo machine, the bingo caller will usually say 'two fat ladies - 88'. Two fat ladies has become one of the most widely known pieces of bingo lingo and is regularly used in bingo halls throughout the country. The origins of two fat ladies comes simply from the way the number 88 looks, with the phrase referencing two overweight ladies sitting or standing next to each other. Another similar piece of bingo slang is 'fat lady with a walking stick' which is used to describe the number 81. These traditional bingo calls have occasionally come in for criticism with some describing them as being out of date.

‘Two Fat Ladies’ Explained

Although it isn't clear as to how long two fat ladies has been used to describe the number 88, it has become a staple of bingo. The game of bingo itself has been revived in recent years thanks to the popularity of online casinos. With online games, however, bingo slang is less commonly used.Two fat ladies is often ranked amongst the top ten well-known bingo phrases along with 'legs eleven' which, unsurprisingly, is used to refer to the number eleven. This is because the number 11 itself is said to resemble a pair of long and slender legs. Amongst the other most well-known bingo calls are 'lucky seven', which references the luck that is associated with the number seven and 'unlucky for some', which is used to describe the number thirteen. Some bingo phrases have their roots in rhyming slang. A couple of common examples of this are 'clickety click', which is used to describe the number sixty-six, and 'knock at the door', which the caller will use to let the bingo players know that the number four has been drawn.