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What is ‘Turn’?

Turn or the turn or turn card or fourth street is one of the community cards in poker. It refers to the fourth card that the dealer places face up on the poker table. Players at the table can use the turn card, along with the other community cards and their pocket cards to make the best hand possible. The flop is made up of three community cards. These are the first cards revealed by the dealer. After the flop has been revealed, a round of betting occurs. The fourth card is the turn, after which another round of betting occurs and finally the river card is revealed. After the river, the remaining players will bet before the winner of the pot is determined.

‘Turn’ Explained

The turn card can make or break a player's hand. Imagine, for example, there are two players left before the flop. One player is holding a pair of nines, while the other player is holding a pair of tens. The flop has been dealt as ace, five and nine. At this point, the player holding the pair of nines is in a good position, simply because by using the community nine that was part of the flop, their hand is transformed into three nines, or 'trip nines'. However, if the turn card is dealt as a ten, the player holding the nines has gone from having the best hand to a distant second. If the player decides to stay in the hand for the river, the only way the player can win the hand is for the fourth nine to be dealt which would be highly unlikely.Many experienced casino players and pundits believe that the turn is the most difficult street to play when it comes to Texas Hold'em, because it has come to define the hand. It is generally advised that any player who is still involved in the hand after the flop should have a relatively decent hand. In the absence of a good hand, they should have a plan, even if that plan is to try and bluff their way to the pot.
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