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Trixie Bet

Trixie Bet is a simple bet type which includes placing four bets across three selections. If you like betting on horse races, it may come in handy. However, it is also available for other sports. To utilise it, punters must include three doubles and a treble. Therefore, it is placing four bets across three different selections, and if you decide to place £1 on every bet, you would need a total of £4 to make it happen.The maximum amount that you can win from Trixie is dependent on two things – the number of selections that you win and their odds. There are no single bets in it, and you must win two out of three selections to achieve a theoretical return.The best thing about Trixie is that it has an advantage over a standard accumulator. Essentially, it gives better chances for a return, and if you think of it as a way to ensure your accumulator, everything will make sense.The disadvantage of Trixie is that you need a higher stake to set things in motion. Low stakes may not even manage to return the amount of money that you invested in the first place. Speaking of investments, Trixie does not require you to plan your budget as some other big bets do. If you want to experiment, make sure to check out the Each Way Trixie which will bring you better chances of winning big.