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Triple Shot

What is 'Triple Shot'?

In casino gambling, triple shot is a card game played most often in Las Vegas, though it may appear in other casinos and in online gaming. The game combines three other casino card games: poker, blackjack and casino war. Players bet on two of these elements, or all three if they prefer, and this 'triple shot' at winning gives the game its name. There are three rounds based on the three different games and payouts occur after each round.

'Triple Shot' Explained

Triple shot is a twist on three casino favourites. Players start with casino war, then play a round of six-card blackjack, and then enter a six-card stud poker game. The casino war element is the simplest, with players and the dealer taking a face card each and all cards higher than the dealer's receiving a payout of evens. In the case of a tie, players get half their stake returned. The card dealt then becomes half of the blackjack hand and the player receives another card. The aim is then to reach a six card hand without going bust, or to make 21 and beat the dealer.After the payout, players take their six cards (or are dealt the remainder of their hand) and a round of six-card stud begins. There is no draw and players simply need to beat the dealer's hand to win. Triple shot is popular with players because all rounds are played against the dealer, so everyone at the table could win. Players can opt out of betting on one of the three elements, but they will still need to take part in the gameplay. Triple shot tables usually require at least two bets to be made during the game. Tactics are required at some points - for example, a player may choose to lose at the blackjack game and take the bust in order to make a better chance in the poker round.