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What is a 'Treble'?

In betting, the 'treble' is a kind of wager which relies on three separate parts for the win. It is similar to a 'double' bet except it has an additional part, and it is a form of accumulator bet. This means that a win on the treble requires all three parts of the wager to be successful. Treble bets appear most commonly in football betting, but they also feature in other forms of sports betting. A player may place 'treble' bets in other games, although they may not have the same accumulator effect,

'Treble' Explained

In betting, many players hope to get the best possible return for their wager while spending as little as possible - therefore maximizing their profit. A straight win will return a small profit, but an accumulator win has a far higher margin for gain. Trebles are a form of accumulator with three separate parts. The player makes three bets of the same type - for example, on three teams to win in three football matches. Each part of the treble wager must involve a different event.A player wins the wager only if all three bets come in. At each stage of the treble, the profit for a win is increased because the stake is increased. This works as follows: first, a player makes a bet on a single selection. If the first bet wins, those winnings are used as a wager on the second bet. Should the second bet win, the profit is then placed on the third and final event. The player only gets the win if that third bet also comes in, otherwise the original stake is lost. Because the stake is increased with each bet, the overall winnings from a treble bet will be far higher than from three straight bets.For example, say you put a treble on Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool all winning their respective games this weekend. Manchester United are available at odds of 5/6, Arsenal at evens and Liverpool at 10/11. A £10 treble on the above would work out as follows, should each leg of the bet win.£10 on Manchester United win = £8.33 plus original £10 stake = £18.33 £18.33 on Arsenal win = £36.66 £36.66 on Liverpool win = £70 total return (including original £10 stake)As you can see, while the odds on each team don't, on their own, provide a massive opportunity for profit, a winning treble can be a nice earner.