What is a ‘Tournament’?

Tournaments occur in all kinds of sports and games, referring to a series of contests with one overall winner. The term frequently occurs in poker to describe matches between two or more players, who are aiming to eliminate the other(s) to claim all of the prize pot. Most poker tournaments end with just one winner, although some may split the prize between two payers with mutual agreement. Poker tournaments occur in private homes, in casinos and through online casinos or poker hubs and they can involve hundreds of competitors from all across the world.

‘Tournament’ Explained

A poker tournament is a game or a series of games of poker between players, with all playing to eliminate others and to be the last man standing with the full share of the pot. In most poker tournaments, the buy-in is fixed at a low amount but the blinds increase as the competition goes on. Players are set the same amount of chips from their buy-in and can’t add to their funds or buy more chips. When all chips are lost, the player is out of the tournament. The overall winner takes the pot, while the rest of the players are ranked according to their time played. Rules between tournaments may vary slightly but the overall premises remains the same.

Perhaps the most famous of all poker tournaments is the annual World Series of Poker event, held in Las Vegas. Players compete for huge prizes and the most successful poker professionals from across the world are invited to take part. The largest ever poker tournament featured an incredible 35,000 players. Through the internet, poker tournaments can have thousands of players and take place across hundreds of different tables. Thanks to the growth of online casinos, poker has regained popularity and poker tournaments are often televised events with high ratings. Bettors can even place a wager on their favourite to win!