Terms and Conditions (t&cs)

What are ‘Terms and Conditions’?

All online casinos and sports betting operators have terms and conditions for opening an account, activity on the account, and each individual promotion and bonus. Players should always read through and make sure they understand the terms and conditions, particularly when they are trying to take advantage of a bonus. If they don’t, they may find themselves losing the bonus and some of their money as well.

‘Terms and Conditions’ Explained

No matter how straightforward a casino or sportsbook makes a bonus or promotion seem, players should bear in mind that the aim is always to make money from a customer. Sometimes it can reach the point where a customer may feel the casino or sportsbook is trying to trick them; notice, for example, how the tagline for a casino promotion is often followed by an asterisk. Search for the asterisk at the bottom of the advertisement and it will say something like subject to terms and conditions. Look carefully at the terms and conditions and the player will find something that may dampen their initial expectations.

As an example, Betfair advertises one of their promotions as “double odds on winning goalscorer”. At first glance, most players would probably assume that they just have to guess the winning scorer to receive their winnings at double the odds. Read the terms and conditions, however and they will discover that they have to place a pre-match bet on the first, second or last scorer.

Every online gambler has to put aside some time to read the terms and conditions of every promotion and change in the site to be successful. By doing so, they may find that a lot of the promotions sites offer are a waste of their time. The remaining 5%, however, could well earn them a tidy sum.