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Teen Patti

What is 'Teen Patti'?

Teen Patti is a variant of poker commonly played in India and on the Asian mainland. It is played with a standard 52-card deck and sometimes the jokers are included in play as wildcards. The name translates to 'Three Cards' in English, and it is sometimes known as 'Flush'. The rules are very similar to Three Card Brag and play follows a simplified version of poker. There are many variants of the game, including stud, draw and community games, high/low card rounds and a form of three-card blackjack.

'Teen Patti' explained

Teen Patti is played in a similar way to poker, with players betting on their hand and aiming to beat those belonging to other players. Betting takes place in rounds and cards may be drawn or turned depending on the game variant being played. There are many types of Teen Patti game, including stud, draw and community games with or without wildcard play. The game might include jokers as wildcards or permit wildcard play with another card, such as the ace or two.Winning hands vary a little from standard poker and are based around three cards, not five. These hands rank from high card to trio (three of a kind) and include straights and flushes. There is also a blackjack variant of the game available, where players draw three cards in rounds with the aim of making 21 or under and beating the other players. In this game, players still make the same style of bet and draw play - the only difference is the winning hands to be built. Teen Patti is a very common game in India, as it is legal even where some forms of gambling are usually prohibited. It is rarely seen in European and American casinos, but it can be found and played online at some casinos.