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Table Hold

What is 'Table Hold'?

In casino gaming, the 'hold' is the amount of money kept by the casino, based on the amount sold to the players. It usually refers to a percentage value and can be approximately calculated by the amount of chips given out and the amount gained back at the end of the day. Casino hold relates to the overall total, but the 'table hold' varies from game to game. Each table in the casino pays out a certain amount in chips each day and receives an amount back in lost bets. The fraction retained by the table, expressed per cent, is the table hold.

'Table Hold' Explained

Casino gaming relies on the house retaining more money than the players at any given time. Casinos hand out chips in exchange for money and players cash them in at the end of play to receive their winnings. The casino hopes to retain a fraction of those chips, as this is their profit - these retained chips are the casino's 'hold'. The 'hold' is often expressed as a cash amount or as a fraction or percentage of the overall turnover.'Table hold' is the casino hold split into individual games. The table hold represents the amount paid out as chips by the table, minus the amount kept by the players and turned into cash winnings. Hold ratios differ across games, with some having a far higher table hold rate than others. Hold rates need to be fair and reasonable. If the table hold rate is too high and players are losing often, they may choose another game or stop playing entirely. Cash taken at the table can also be calculated into the hold rate, as this becomes profit for the table. Casino tables can be high earners for the casino business and can have strong hold rates while still keeping players happy and entertained.