Table Games

What are Table Games?

A table game is any game for one or more players which is played at a table, usually one specially designed for the game in question. Players sit around the table to take part in games. Table games are most common in casinos. They usually have a member of staff – a dealer or a croupier – facilitating the game and managing payments. Table games are played for money. Players bet on specific outcomes and a successful bet is paid according to the odds set at the table.

Table Games Explained

Most casinos have two kinds of games for their patrons: video gaming machines and table games. The video machines include poker and slot games, while table games include card and dice games, roulette and counting games. Most table games are played against the house and players make individual plays against the dealer. However, poker differs as in this game, players are aiming to beat each other and the dealer takes no part in play.

Some of the most popular table games in casinos include roulette and craps. Roulette is a numbers game where the dealer spins a wheel and a ball selects a number, while craps is a dice game with players rolling combinations to get the winning numbers. The roulette wheel is usually built into the table itself. Both games have special tables on which players make bets, with different sections marked out to indicate different types of bets.

Card games are also a popular kind of table game in casinos. Blackjack is possibly the most well known. Players aim to make 21 or under while beating the dealer’s cards. Poker is another table game casinos usually offer. Card tables are marked out to indicate spaces for drawn and discarded cards, and for cash or chip pots collected during the game.