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What is a 'System'?

In gambling, a 'system' is another term for a 'strategy' - a technique employed by the bettor or player in order to improve their odds of success. In all forms of gambling, some players will attempt to take a calculated approach to the game and 'play the odds', looking for ways to maximize their profit and beat the house. Some players will devise their own betting system, while others will use tried and tested systems advocated by others. Using a system for casino or sports betting is not usually prohibited, though there are some systems which fall in the realm of cheating and would not be permitted.

'System' Explained

When playing in any form of gambling game or contest, players hope to get the maximum profit back. In order to achieve this goal, some gamblers will use a system - a strategy for betting - which they believe has the best chance of making a return. Most systems still require some amount of good luck to fall on the player, but they can rub away a little of the house edge in casino gaming. Betting systems are common in horse racing, where they are often based on statistical analysis coupled with tipsters' advice - such as hedging bets, where players pick likely outcomes with odds would pay enough to cover all bets in the event of a win.Systems appear often among casino players. A famous roulette betting system is the Martingale method, where players double their bet after every loss and return to the minimum bet after every win. In 50/50 true odds betting with a large fund to back up the system, a player can appear to make steady wins with this system, but the house edge of the zero adds risk to the player and makes the strategy an uncertain one. Card counting is another common betting system, which can appear in blackjack and also in poker. Players count the appearances of cards in order to work out the chances of high-value cards appearing.