What are Symbols?

In slots games, symbols are the different icons which appear on the reels. Matching combinations of these symbols along win lines results in a payout for the player. Each set of symbols relates to a different payout multiplier and some symbols are far more rare than others. Symbols can also have special features, such as opening bonus rounds or expanding to fill the whole reel. Symbols also appear in card games, such as in the traditional four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

Symbols Explained

While many kinds of casino games use numbers to signify winning combinations, others, such as card games and slot games, use symbols. The symbols on cards designate different suits, which are matching sets of cards running in numerical order, topped by three royal picture cards. Symbols are also the main feature of any slots game.

In slots play, players pay to spin a set of reels (usually five, but it can vary). On these reels are different symbols, which appear in lines when the spin ends. If matching symbols appear in a line, the game is won. Slots games with symbols have been common for decades, but a new generation of video slot games has taken their use to the next level.

Symbols in video slot games are not static, but dynamic. They can change into other symbols, join together with different symbols, expand to cover whole reels or carry multiplier abilities. Symbols can be wild, which means they can be exchanged for any other to make a winning combination, or they can be bonus symbols, which initiates a bonus round for the player. Common symbols include fruit, such as apples and cherries, card suits, 7s and 10s, bells and bar symbols. However, the symbols of a slots game could be absolutely anything and are usually determined by the theme of the game.

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