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What is 'SuperEnalotto'?

SuperEnalotto is the Italian national lottery. It features unlimited rollovers, 90 numbers to choose from and large jackpot prizes that often reach millions of Euros. The SuperEnalotto is held three times every week, and the draw is televised in Italy. Only residents of Italy are eligible to enter the lottery.

'SuperEnalotto' Explained

Lottery games are played by purchasing a ticket with a selection of numbers on it, chosen from the available set. There is a set quantity of numbers which a player must pick. Later, a draw takes place and the player matches the drawn number against their own numbers. If they match enough of the numbers on their ticket to those drawn in the game, they win a prize. If they match all of the numbers on their ticket, they win the jackpot prize. Multiple tickets can win the prize, and players can have several different lines of numbers on one ticket. Matched numbers must all fall on the same line.The SuperEnalotto is the Italian national lottery. It is played to the rules above, with players selecting six of the 90 available numbers per line. The game allows for rollover jackpots, which means that in weeks where the six numbers are not matched by any ticket, the prize is added to the next week's total. Unlike many lottery games, there is no limit to how often the jackpot prize can roll over. This leads to some seriously high jackpots, worth millions of Euros. Players can also win smaller prizes in the SuperEnalotto by matching fewer numbers on a line. The draw takes place three nights a week and is shown on national television so players can check their ticket at home. Tickets are available from most supermarkets, newsagents and other general retailers, as well as online and through mobile app purchases.
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