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Super Yankee Bet

Super Yankee Bet consists of placing 26 bets across five selections. It is a multiple bet type which works the best on horse racing, but you can experiment with it and try it on other sports as well. You might have heard people referring to it as the Canadian bet. The four obligatory bets include one five-fold accu, five four-hold accus, ten trebles, and ten doubles. If you want to bet £1 per bet, you will need at least £26 to execute Super Yankee.There are no single bets, and you must win at least two selections out of five in order to achieve a return in this bet. The amount you can win with the bet is mostly dependent on the odds and the number of bets you manage to win.The main advantage of Super Yankee bet is that it increases your chances of return if you are confident that most of your selections will win. On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that you need a higher stake if you want to have the increased chances of winning.Finally, you can also try the Each Way Super Yankee bet which incorporates the standard 27 bets as described above, plus 27 additional bets. Make sure to carefully plan your budget if you opt for this approach and rest assured that it will bring you a better return in the end. If you are not content with Super Yankee, you can try an ordinary Yankee bet.