Super Keno

What is Super Keno?

Super Keno is a common variant of video Keno, found online and at some casinos. It includes a bonus round for the player if the first ball is a match, which adds a multiplier of four to any wins. It has much in common with ‘ Fire Power Keno’, except that the bonus ball is the last one drawn in the Fire Power game. Super Keno odds are usually the same as a standard video Keno game, with an average 0.05% chance of succeeding on the bonus draw.

Super Keno Explained

Video Keno is a popular electronic version of the casino game Keno, played using a digital ticket and a random number generator. Players pick numbers for their ticket, usually between 2 and 10, from a selection of numbers that usually ranges between 1 and 80. The game generates random numbers (often 20 in total) and players aim to match the ones on their ticket to the ones called by the game. The more numbers are matched, the higher the prize for the player. Some forms of video Keno also include bonus features, such as enhanced payouts on particular numbers.

‘Super Keno’ is one of these forms of bonus Keno game, available online and at electronic gaming terminals. The rules are just like standard Keno, but there is the chance of an extra payout if the player gets a match on the first number. In most Super Keno games, the bonus is a multiplier which increases all prizes in that game by four – which can create some huge wins for the player, especially if accumulator bets are in play. However, some versions of the game only pay the bonus on that first number’s wager, though group bets can still boost the potential payout.

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