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Super Heinz Bet

Super Heinz is a full cover bet that involves placing 120 bets over seven selections. The bet includes one seven-fold accu, seven six-fold accus, 21 five-fold accus, 35 four-fold accus, 35 trebles, and 21 doubles. This type of full cover bet can be taken into account only on rare occasions, and just experienced punters can pull them off and end up with more money than they have invested. It is interesting that Super Heinz bet involves no single bets, which are usually a basis for combo bets. If you want to return the spent money, you must win the minimum of two selections in the seven.This type of bet is especially inviting for the punters because of the high returns. You can achieve the similar return with one seven-fold accu, but you would need to win all selection in order to generate such a high return. Another reason why players love Super Heinz is the excitement due to the fact that there are many ways which increase your chance of a return. The main disadvantage of this betting type is that your starting bet needs to be pretty high if you want it to be fun. After all, you are making 120 bets at once, so you need to plan your investing carefully.On the other hand, you can go all in and play an Each Way Super Heinz which would involve 240 bets – all bets as described here plus 120 additional selections. Super Heinz is a version of Heinz bet which has 57 bets and is named after the food company called Heinz that famously had 57 packages for their product.
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