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What is a ‘Stub’?

‘Stub’ is a term used in poker, though it could easily be used in other card games. This term refers to the portion of a deck of cards which has not yet been dealt. In other words, the stub is the unused leftovers of the deck. This is effectively the opposite of the muck, which is a term for the discard pile of used cards.

‘Stub’ Explained

In common English, a ‘stub’ is a small leftover. For example, when a pencil has been used almost to the end, you’re just left with a stub. Tickets also have stubs, the portion left behind. The same is true in poker, where a dealer takes a complete deck of cards and then deals several cards out to the players. Once this is done, the leftover cards now form the stub.The stub is left to the side of the game, but it should not be discarded or ignored, as whenever new cards are needed they will be drawn from the stub. The stub is essentially the source of all new, random cards. This is the opposite to the muck, which is a pile of discarded cards. It’s important that the two are not mixed up, because part of the strategy of poker (though it errs towards card counting) is knowing roughly how many cards of a certain type have been used.From that, you can predict how many are left in the stub and therefore your chances of drawing what you want. A stub must remain unseen by other players and may be reshuffled if cards are seen accidentally.