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Streak Betting

What is 'Streak Betting'?

Streak betting is when players lay down bets to take advantage of their or a competitor's winning streak. In casinos, a better word for winning streak would be lucky streak. Many casino players have tried to take advantage of a streak only for their luck to run out, along with their money. In sports betting, however, it is a legitimate, and some say, successful way of betting. Some gamblers rely only on winning streaks to bring them their money.

'Streak Betting' Explained

As the name suggests, a winning streak does not last and the key is to guess when a team's winning streak will end. If the player has a good understanding of the sport and the player or team he is betting on, it isn't as difficult as it sounds. Indicators that a streak is coming to an end include, if the player or team is starting to scrape through their wins, if they are about to face a high-class team or player for the first time in a while, if they lose a key player in the build up or if they play a team or player that has a big motivation to end their winning run.When someone has won a lot of money from one team or player, it is not easy to let them go and move on to the next team, player, or even sport. One gambler earned £380,000 by correctly guessing the results of 12 rugby games. Instead of being happy with his winnings, he lost the lot by betting on Wales to beat Australia.Scientific research has shown that both winning streaks and losing streaks, even in the casino, are not just based on luck. When a player is winning he tends to make wiser decisions. When he is losing, his good sense can go out of the window and he can start chasing his losses.