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Straight Up

What Does ‘Straight Up’ Mean?

The term ‘straight up’ is a specific bet you can place in certain games. It means you are betting on a single outcome, rather than a variety of outcomes. This type of bet usually pays out more and has greater odds (depending what you’re betting on), as it is has a less likely chance of winning.

'Straight Up' Explained

One of the best examples of a ‘straight up’ bet comes from the casino game of roulette. In roulette, a ball is spun around a wheel with colored (black, red and green) numbers (0-36) on it. The ball will land on a number and any bets placed that includes that number or colour will get a payout, the amount won depending on what type of bet was placed.The ‘straight up’ bet in roulette, which involves betting on a single number, has the greatest odds in the game (35-1 payout with the house edge), meaning it is the least likely to win. For example, you can place a bet on the number ‘17’ and move your betting chips on to the number ‘17’ square on the Roulette table. You will only win that round if the ball lands on the number ‘17’ (and lose if it lands on any other number). If you win, you will receive $45 (£36) for every $1.25 (£1) you bet ($45 in winnings and the original £1 stake). There are two types of bets in roulette: inside and outside, and a ‘straight up’ bet is part of the inside group (which tends to have bigger payouts than outside bets).The ‘straight up’ bet can also be seen in sports betting. This is where you bet on a team to win outright. For example in football, if Manchester City are playing Liverpool, you can place a ‘straight up’ bet on Liverpool, meaning you win if the Reds do. Again, you are betting on one overall outcome. The odds differ in sports betting as they do not have fixed odds like a roulette game, so the payout you receive will depend on the odds you were given when you placed the bet.