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What Does 'Stand' Mean?

In casino card games, to 'stand' means to accept your hand and refuse the draw. It is common in blackjack, as well as in draw poker games. Players will decide to stand if they feel the cards they already hold are strong enough. If a player chooses to stand, the dealer moves on to the next player and continues until all decisions have been made. Bets can then be made on the hand currently held.

'Stand' Explained

During draw games, including poker and blackjack, players have the option to switch cards in their hand or to pick up additional ones. Poker players are searching for cards to complete their set, while blackjack players are hoping to make 21 without going bust. Often, winning your hand requires that you make changes to your starting hand. However, some lucky players might land great cards from the initial deal, in which case, they would not want to risk going bust, or chase a different card. They might say they wish to 'stand' instead. This means that the player does not receive any more cards.In blackjack, standing means the player will risk their own current hand against the dealer's without going for a third or more. A player who already has 21, through blackjack or some royal-and-ace combination, will certainly choose to stand. A play on 20 or 19 will usually stand too and avoid the risk of a bust. Poker players who stand may or may not have a good hand to play - it could be a sign of a strong initial deal and good faith in that hand, but it could also be a risky bluff against the other players. Standing might also mean playing it safe for a poker player, if they have drawn an average or better hand and if they do not want to risk drawing a weaker hand on the trade.