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Stacked Wilds

What are 'Stacked Wilds'?

In slots gaming, 'stacked wilds' are one of the many symbol combinations which can lead to a win for the players. Stacked wilds are very similar to expanding wilds, except that the feature is often static, rather than dynamic. Stacked wilds are a series of two or more wild symbols, which fall on to the reels together. Some stacked wilds are available as standard game features, while others are only seen during bonus rounds. Not all slot games feature stacked wilds.

'Stacked Wilds' Explained

In slot gaming, the largest wins are often produced by wild symbols. They exchange for any other and complete winning combinations. Depending on where they appear, wilds can complete a number of different win lines at once. This usually leads to a greatly enhanced payout. The more wilds that appear, the better for the player.Stacked wilds are like standard wild symbols, but they appear next to each other on the same reel. They may have the appearance of a long colored strip, or they may be a standard wild which expands once it lands. Stacked wilds spread to cover the whole reel, or take up multiple rows of it at once. They give a larger chance of achieving a winning combo and often pay at the higher rates by completing lines or rarer symbols.Some games have stacked wilds in regular play, but in other games they will only appear during the bonus rounds. If a bonus has stacked wilds, the odds of them appearing are usually boosted to ensure that the player gets some kind of bonus reward. Stacked wilds might also be part of a scatter win - sometimes other symbols will turn into stacked wilds as an additional bonus for the player. Each game uses them differently, so always check the rules before playing.