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Square Pair

What is a 'Square Pair'?

The term 'square pair' is one of the common terms used to denote a roll of two 4's in the casino table game of craps. The most commonly used name for this roll is a 'hard eight' but, as with many other rolls in craps, a roll of double 4's also has many different nicknames.

'Square Pair' Explained

In the casino game of craps, players win or lose by placing bets that depend upon rolling two dice. Both players and dealers will refer to dice rolls using well-known nicknames, the most commonly known and used of which is probably when someone rolls two 1's - this is called snake eyes.A roll is 'hard' (as opposed to 'easy') when a player rolls the same number on both dice. So for example, for a 'square pair', or 'hard 8', you need to roll two 4's. An 'easy 8' is when a player rolls 8 with any other combination of dice values, like 3 and 5. Since there are multiple ways of rolling an easy 8, and only one way to roll a hard 8, the latter is harder to roll and therefore can be a lucrative gamble if it is achieved. The distinction between easy and hard rolls also applies to roll values of 4, 6, 8 and 10 since, being even numbers, they can be rolled either by rolling two of the same number or as a combination of different numbers.The nickname 'square pair' comes from the square formation of the four dots on the 4 side of dice, and because you are rolling two of these squares - a pair.Other nicknames for a square pair include 'an eighter from Ducater', 'hard eight', 'mom and dad' and 'Ozzie and Harriet', though there are many more.