What is a ‘Spin’?

In slots gaming, a ‘spin’ is a single wager on a turn of the reels. In roulette, the term means that the wheel is turned and the ball set, ready for a number to be drawn. Both games allow players to bet a number of values on the outcome of the spin and pay a reward of the stake plus a multiplier for successful spins. Roulette spins are always undertaken by the dealer or ‘croupier’, who confirms and calls the result. In slot gaming, there are lots of different types of spin and lots of outcomes which these spins can produce.

‘Spin’ Explained

The roulette spin is a turn of the wheel at a relatively high speed, which causes the ball bearing to revolve. As the wheel slows from its spin, the ball lands and selects a number. All bets which hit or include this number are paid, and all others are lost. Bets cannot be made while the spin is ongoing – they can only be placed while the wheel is stationary. The spin is random and is weighted for fairness, though some dealers claim they can ‘rig’ the spin by selecting where they want the ball to land.

In slots games, a ‘spin’ is a hit of the button which revolves the reels and mixes up the symbols. Players usually pay one credit, or a multiple thereof, and bet on the outcome of the spin. The aim is to match symbols on win lines across the reels. Some slots games give players the chance to win a free spin or several, while other spins might unlock bonus rounds, collectible symbols or special wild symbols. Whether a player chooses online slots, video slots or traditional slots, the spin is the main feature of the game.

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