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What is 'Software'?

Software refers to the programs and applications which are used on computers and similar devices. It differs from hardware, which is the physical components and parts of a computer or phone. Software can be downloaded, used directly through an internet browser or accessed through discs, memory drives and other pieces of hardware. In online casinos, software is the games and applications available through an operator.

'Software' Explained

In recent years, online casinos have become far more prevalent and there are hundreds of providers across the internet that offer betting, slots, table games and more for their players. Instead of visiting a physical casino, players can access the same games in real time and for real money, without leaving their home. With the growth of mobile phones, players can also access these digital gambling services through their mobile phones and tablets.If one of these services refers to software, they mean the programs and applications which power the games, and the games themselves. In computing, hardware is the machine or device itself - for example, a mobile phone or a desktop computer. Hardware can also mean the various parts of that device - the computer chips, circuit boards and graphics cards, for example.Software refers to the programs which work on those machines. A word processing program, a downloadable application and a video game on a disk are all pieces of software. In the gambling world, software can refer to any virtual game or service that a player can access on their device at home. This might be an application downloaded to the mobile, which allows sports bets to be placed with a trusted bookmaker.It can also refer to any website that allows gambling play directly within the web browser - many casinos offer slot games, poker and more through the web. Poker players often download software to their desktop which allows for the tracking of play, which analyses starting hands and which allows players to practise their game through simulation of a round.