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Slot Walking

What is 'Slot Walking'?

Slot Walking refers to the act of patrolling slot machines on a casino floor in the hopes that someone may have left coins in the machines. If caught by casino staff these people will be ejected or, if unlucky, will be 'backroomed' (i.e. beaten up).

'Slot Walking' Explained

When playing the slot machines in a casino, it is not uncommon for people to walk away from a machine without having used up all of their tokens or credits. Those who practice Slot Walking will pounce on this opportunity.In contrast with innocent tourists who may happen to come across some unused credit and have a free spin, a slot walker will deliberately hang around slot machine rooms on the casino floor, waiting for people to stop playing and walk away. That person will then move in on the machine to see if any credits have been left unused. This way, if the person has forgotten to use all their credit, the slot walker will be able to use it before anyone else sits at the machine.Slot Walking can be a profitable activity for those who practice it, simply because, if a player has walked away then it is likely that the machine has not been paying out. A slot walker can win a lot of money if the machine then starts to pay out once they have sat down.There is constant debate surrounding Slot Walking. On the one hand, there are those who say that it is wrong to swoop in and take advantage of the fact that someone has left credits in a machine. On the other hand, many feel that it is the responsibility of the gambler to ensure that nothing is left in a machine.