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Slot Club Member

What is a 'Slot Club Member'?

A slot club member is a slots player who is part of a loyalty scheme with their chosen casino establishment. Many casinos, both online and offline, offer regular players the chance to join special loyalty clubs or VIP programmes. A slot club is similar to these schemes but aimed at slots players in dedicated slot game halls or online video slots outlets. Some slot clubs consider membership requests, but the majority are invitation only. A slot club member will get better rewards and comps and might get exclusive access to enhanced video slot games.

'Slot Club Member' Explained

Most casinos and online gambling websites offer a loyalty scheme to their biggest players. This originates from the practice of 'comps' in traditional brick and mortar casinos, where regular players and high rollers are given gifts and rewards as a thank you for their play and to encourage their frequent attendance and spending. In online loyalty schemes, the rewards are usually cash bonuses, but they might also include gift hampers, trips away and prize draws for the chance to win big prizes.A slot club is the slot player's version of the standard casino club and is a way to reward regular players. Slots players are often high-value players who spend a lot of money on their favourite games. Being a slot club member can offer enhanced gameplay, multipliers, bonus rounds and more during games, as well as special rewards and extra gifts away from the slots.Some physical casinos may have a dedicated slot club, though the majority of slot clubs are online. In rare cases, joining a slot club is as simple as signing up to request membership. However, many clubs and schemes take members by invitation only. Invitation to the club depends on how often a player plays the slots and how much they spend when they do so. Many of these clubs have different tiers of membership, and rewards vary depending on the level of membership held.