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What is a 'Sleeper'?

There are lots of ways 'sleeper' might be used in gambling and betting. The most common is in roulette, where the strategy might be to look for 'sleeper numbers'. These are numbers which have not been called in an unusually long time. The same strategy might also work when selecting bingo tickets. In poker, a 'sleeper' is a bet made as a blind raise, either to hold the player's position in play or to raise the minimum call and push out players with weak hands. A 'sleeper' can also be a slang term for a card that has seemed absent for some time, but then turns up unexpectedly to complete a winning hand from an otherwise poor one.

'Sleeper' Explained

The most common uses of 'sleeper' in gambling is as a poker or roulette bet. In some games, players will make a blind raise before the draw. This is similar to a straddle, but it does not create the luxury of the last action for the player. Instead, a sleeper bet boosts the minimum while allowing the player to skip their turn entirely. Of course, another player could still call, thus rendering the sleeper pointless.In most poker games, sleepers are not permitted and in casinos, they are usually seen as a form of illegal play. However, some informal games will allow them so that a player can skip their turn while still remaining in play. If sleeper bets are permitted, a player might use one to scare off players with weak hands, who don't fancy the raised minimum now set to call.A 'sleeper' could also be a roulette, bingo or lotto number which has beaten the probable odds and stayed hidden for a long time. By tracking these 'sleepers' and playing only after a specified absence, many players believe there is an increased chance of their 'sleeper' becoming active and landing them a win.