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Silver Mining

What is 'Silver Mining'?

Silver Mining, also known as slot machine walking, is when gamblers look for coins in the slot machine trays accidentally left by the previous player. Mostly it is only a small amount and they will use the coin to play another game themselves.Silver mining only works with the old slot machines, which are now rare due to the TITO (ticket in ticket out) electronic slots. Instead, modern-day players leave behind credits. People known as credit hustlers walk around casinos looking for the machines that players have left credits in.

'Silver Mining' Explained

The casino can be a bit like the Wild West. If a player turns back to a machine to play the credits he's just remembered he still had only to find another player has jumped in before him, he can probably presume he has lost them forever. The principle seems to be: if a player can't beat the house, he may as well beat the player.One gambler talks about how he put $20 in a new machine and made a $6 bet. He thought he'd won $14 until he looked down at his credit voucher and saw he had, in fact, won $59. The previous player had forgotten to play all of his credit value. The previous player was still in the vicinity, but the gambler decided to take it on the old principle that "the safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket" (Frank McKinney Hubbard).Those hustlers who prefer the days of silver mining can still find old slot machines in Las Vegas casino such as El Cortez, Circus, Cirus, Slots for Fun, Goldstrike and Eastside Cannery. Such a strategy is unlikely to earn anyone big bucks, but for someone who has a sharp eye, it could help to pay for a few beers and a meal.