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Side Bet

What is a Side Bet?

There are two main meanings to the term "side bet" in gambling. The most common use of the term is as a noun to describe what happens when a wager is made over and above a main bet, usually about a subsidiary (or "side") issue. Sometimes also known as a "proposition" bet, it extends beyond the normal realms of the game at hand. The less common use of the term refers to a side pot - a separate pot of potential winnings that certain players have not contributed to and that they are therefore unable to claim from.

Side Bet Definition Explained

When it is used to describe a wager that is made beyond the usual rules of the game (otherwise known as a "proposition" bet), a side bet can involve any topic additional to the main focus at hand. Some examples might include betting on a sports match happening at the same time as playing poker, or even over a piece of trivia that is a bone of contention between players. The most common types of side bets are traditionally confined to wagers made on occurrences that somehow relate to a poker game. When playing in an established card room, it can be the case that they either offer specific side bets or they forbid side bets that have not been arranged and suggested by the house itself. Applying both to online and real-world play, a typical side bet might involve another player's form or subsequent actions - such as "side bets are being made that he will be the next to leave the game".The other, perhaps less common scenario for using the term "side bet" applies to when a side pot or separate pot is established to which not all of the players contribute. The players who haven't contributed to this additional pot aren't entitled to win any of it. This might happen when a player goes all-in and other players continue to wager more than that all-in player, aside from the main pot.