Scatter Symbol

What is a Scatter Symbol?

A scatter symbol is a symbol in a slots game which does not need to be on a win line. The scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the playing reels in order to score a win for the player. If enough scatter symbols are landed, the player will win a return on their bet. Scatter symbols might also start bonus rounds in video slot games, or have additional features such as multiplier benefits. Not all slots games include scatter symbols, but they are a very common feature.

The Scatter Symbol Explained

In slot games, most wins are achieved when matching symbols fall on to set win lines across the game reels. If a slots game includes scatter symbols, these can usually win if they land anywhere on the reels; scatter symbols do not need to be on a win line. The player will usually pick up a return on their bet plus a multiplier when they spin scatter symbols and the multiplier value depends on the number of scatter symbols on the screen. Scatter symbols are more common in video slots and online slots, though some arcade slots and fruit machines feature scatter wins too.

In video slots, scatter symbols often have bonus features. The most common of these is the bonus round scatter. When three or more scatter symbols are spun on to the reels, the player will get the chance to enter a bonus round, or mini-game, for extra prizes. This might be enhanced game odds, free spins or a pick-and-win game. Other special scatter symbols include wild scatters, expanding scatters and multiplier scatters.

Exactly how the scatter symbol works during play will vary from game to game, as will the look and style of the symbol. Players should check the play table and the ‘how to play’ section to learn more about individual scatter features.

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