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Rider Bet

What is a 'Rider Bet'?

A rider bet is when a player makes a bet on a hand behind another seated player in the game of blackjack.

'Rider Bet' Explained

A rider bet (also sometimes known as an over the shoulder bet) is when a player who wasn't initially involved in the game makes a bet behind another player's bet. This can occur when the original bettor (also known as the front player) doesn't make up the maximum bet of a table, therefore allowing the "rider" to make up the rest of the betting limit on the betting circle (also known as spot) of the blackjack table. This kind of betting is generally seen as acceptable in blackjack, however it is not always the case, depending on the casino. Casinos like those seen in the Macau region on China's south coast frequently see this ulterior stratagem due to high volumes of bettors.In blackjack, when a seated player is in control of the hand they make their initial bet. If this doesn't make up the table's maximum bet, a "rider" can also place a bet. Generally, in most casinos, up to two riders can get involved in the original player's hand, nevertheless a rider cannot place a bet if the seated player has already made up the maximum bet of that table, this is something the original player can do at any time to exclude any other potential rider bets.Depending on the rules of the casino, a rider can potentially take control of the hand if they place the highest bet even though they are not the original bettor. In the situation of a split, the rider has the option of matching the original bet to play out both hands, or to keep the initial bet on the table and play out the first hand of the split.