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What is 'RFB'?

RFB stands for Room, Food and Beverage and is a term used to describe the complimentary (comp) items provided for gamblers who play regularly at the casino.Many casinos, especially those with attached hotels, offer comp packages to gamblers in order to encourage them to play there. There is a whole range of comps casinos can offer, including free drinks, free food and complimentary bets, but RFB is one of the most sought after.Typically offered to high-rollers or players who have spent a lot on the gaming floor, RFB includes complimentary access to a room, usually a suite, free food in the hotel restaurant and complimentary beverages from the bar. These perks apply for the entirety of the person's stay.

'RFB' Explained

All players large and small can be offered comps, in fact most casinos offer free beverages on the casino floor. This is largely because alcohol lowers a player's inhibitions and impairs his judgement.RFB however, is reserved for high-rollers. Like all casino comps, RFB is given on a discretionary basis to players who have spent the required amount on the gaming floor.The amount a player wagers and the time he has been playing for are all taken into account when awarding comps. Most casinos use theoretical loss to determine what comps a player should be awarded and when.Theoretical loss is calculated differently for all games, but for blackjack it is as follows:Average bet x hours played x hands played per hour x house advantage = theoretical lossSome players in casinos are aware that comps are on offer and attempt to take advantage of them. Casinos call this type of player a comp hustler. Comp hustlers attempt to swing the house by gaining as many comps as they can, while limiting their losses.They do this by playing games with a low house advantage, such as blackjack and deliberately betting big when the pit boss is watching. Such players can expect only limited success, however, as most casinos now use remote monitoring to watch players and comps are worked out by a computer.