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What are 'Rewards'?

In casino play, rewards are bonuses and gifts for the player, based on their level of play. In physical casinos, rewards are more commonly known as comps. Online casinos are more likely to use rewards. These rewards are based on members' participation in the loyalty tiers - that is, their length of play and their level of spending. Rewards might include free cash or loyalty points, or enhanced gameplay and free games for the player.

'Rewards' Explained

In online casino play, venues usually offer rewards to their regular players. Rewards could vary from a few pounds in their playing bonus to luxury trips and tickets to entertainment events. May online casinos have a rewards program, which has different tiers of membership based on each player's interaction with the casino and its games. Players who spend a lot of money and time using the website will be given more rewards, usually of a higher value, than casual players. However, almost all players will usually qualify for some rewards from time to time.Rewards are often issued in the form of loyalty points, which can be exchanged for cash or free games. Rewards can also include access to free games, or free spins on the player's favourite game. For high level players in the top tiers, rewards can be physical gifts like hampers and prize boxes, holidays and spa breaks, and entry into exclusive prize draws for jackpots and other bonuses. Rewards are given at the discretion of the casino, who will never publish the exact terms for receiving rewards as this can lead to manipulation and comp hustling, or to problem gaming and overspending. Instead, play will be monitored over time and any player qualifying for a reward will be informed by the online casino's staff.