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Reverse Withdrawal

What is a 'Reverse Withdrawal'?

In online casino play, players 'deposit' to an account and 'withdraw' their balance. If a player has requested a withdrawal but then wishes to cancel, a 'reverse withdrawal' can be performed. The request is stopped and the funds are returned to the player. Not all online casinos offer reverse withdrawals, but they are widely available at many gambling websites and gaming sites.

'Reverse Withdrawal' Explained

In online casinos, players do not buy chips and cash them in later. Instead, they create a 'playing balance' by depositing money into their casino account. Players can withdraw money from these accounts at any time, subject to terms and conditions at the specific gaming website. If a player has got playing funds left in their balance or if they have a win during play, they may wish to have this paid out to them. They will request a withdrawal and the casino will complete the transaction. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the type of transfer, the player's own account rules and the site's own terms with their banking provider.During the period that the withdrawal is pending, players may decide they wish to play some more games. Instead of making a new deposit, the player can request a 'reverse withdrawal'. This puts a stop to the payment and returns the playing funds to the player. This might even be done immediately, depending on the site. Reverse withdrawals cannot be performed after the payment has been processed, so there is a limited time period. If a reverse withdrawal is available to the player, it will be indicated on their online gaming account page. Many sites will prompt a player who is depositing to cancel their pending withdrawal first, rather than setting up a fresh payment request.