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Responsible Gaming

What is 'Responsible Gaming'?

'Responsible gaming', or 'responsible gambling', is the concept of playing in a safe and controlled manner. Gamblers are encouraged to practice responsible gaming and games operators are required by law to provide fair, safe games plus help and support for any players who seek it. Adherence to responsible gaming policies by casinos and bookmakers is monitored by the Gambling Commission, who also provide advice and support for players.

'Responsible Gaming' Explained

Any form of betting is designed for entertainment purposes, but carries a danger of addiction and of unsafe gaming practices from the player. 'Responsible gaming' is the idea of games being fair and being restricted only to legal players and that players are able to keep control of their spending and are not encouraged to spend more than they can afford. Responsible gaming affects both the player and the game facilitator, but in different ways.There are lots of different things for a casino or sports book operator to consider with a 'responsible gaming' policy. In most nations, gambling is an adult-only activity. A responsible game should, therefore, restrict play to persons over the age limit only. Most laws also ask that casinos pay attention to whether gamblers are intoxicated, and to what extent. Players will consume alcoholic beverages while they play, but if a player's judgement is severely impaired by drink (or some other substance) then taking their bet might be seen as 'irresponsible gaming' on the operator's part.For the payer, responsible gaming means not playing more than they can afford, and seeking help if gambling has become a problem. If gambling develops into an addiction, or if a person is spending too much on chasing lost bets, their play should be monitored by the gaming operator and advice given where needed. Players should recognise their own spends and losses and make sure they only play money they can afford to lose. Even the luckiest of gamblers will have a cold streak, and managing these losses means taking responsibility for game play.