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Responsible Gambling

What is ‘Responsible Gambling’?

Responsible gambling is making sure that any gambling that takes place in a given environment is done so with the individuals being fully aware of the risks involved and of a sound mind to take on those potential risks. At the same time, they must also then be able to stop gambling if a situation arises whereby they have lost more than they were willing or able to lose.

‘Responsible Gambling’ Explained

In so many nations around the world, gambling has become very accessible and in many ways a large part of culture. In the past, it was necessary for there to be physical premises where people would engage in gambling but with internet availability continuing to grow, it has become easier and easier for people to access a betting platform at any hour of the day. For many, this has the obvious potential to lead to addictions and thus negative consequences in terms of finances, relationships and wellbeing.Some may lose touch with how much money they have to spend and they may feel the need to bet more and more to try to cover losses; this is what could be known as 'problem gambling'. On the other hand, 'responsible gambling' aims to combat this both at the individual level and via those who facilitate gambling, such as casino operators, communities, governments and sporting bodies.Responsible gambling means that at all times there should be an awareness of the health and wellbeing of the individual betting to make sure they remain within healthy control of their gambling and enjoy the experience, rather than having it lead to negative outcomes. Two of the most effective ways that individuals and other parties can facilitate responsible gambling is to, first of all, promote widespread knowledge of the risks associated with gambling, and secondly, for all gambling to take place in an environment which lends itself to reasonable practice of betting.In all countries that are legally operating betting sites either online casinos or in land-based casino locations, there are gambling commissions set up whose responsibility it is to monitor the actions of the operators and make sure they encourage responsible gambling to their patrons. In the US for example, there are federal laws on gaming that affect the whole country, but each state has its own gaming commission who can alter laws within its boundaries as well as make sure responsible gambling is enforced.