Red or Black

What is Red or Black?

Red or black is a popular bet at the roulette table. Players can select red or black as an even money bet – or close to even, if the house’s zero or double zero is included in the game. A correct red or black prediction pays 1:1, giving the player their initial stack back plus the same amount again. Many roulette strategies have the red or black bet at their center, because the odds of winning are high for the player and a good betting system can cancel out most losses.

Red or Black Explained

If a player refers to a ‘red or black’ bet, they are usually talking about a roulette bet made on a red or black number being called next. The 36 numbers in a roulette game are split into two colour groups, with half the numbers colored red and the other half black. In European Roulette, there is also a zero and American Roulette has an extra double zero (usually colored green). If zero or double zero is called, all red and black bets lose. If any number between 1 and 36 is called, either the red or black betting players will win even money on their stake.

Players who use the Martingale betting system or the The Fibonacci system rely on either red or black bets for their system to work. Players make bets of increasing sizes until a win is achieved, then they revert to small bets again. The theory behind this system is that eventually, a win will cancel out all previous losses and afford the player a minimal profit as well.

Red or Black is also a betting game in which the player predicts whether most of their hand of five cards will be red or black. The bet wins even money if three or four of those cards match the player’s selection. If all of the cards match that color, the bet is paid at 2:1. It is a popular home card game, though it is rarely seen in casinos.

‘Red or Black’ can also refer to a popular slot game which is based around the British TV game show of the same name. The JPJ exclusive slot game is designed around the graphics of the show, and features a special ‘Fortune Cookie’ bonus in which players select to spin a red or black wheel. Prizes that match the player’s chosen color are won, and prizes of the opposing color are missed.

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