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Real Money Games

What are 'Real Money Games'?

Real money games are games that require the player to deposit money in order take part in the action. The term is used mostly online, but can also refer to offline casino games. Real money games differ from free games, which are mainly used for practice purposes. In a real money game, the player deposits money with the casino in order to receive gaming chips of the same value.These chips can then be used to take part in real money games on the gaming floor and can be converted back into real cash. Apps like Clash of Clans are not considered real money games, even though a player can deposit funds in order to buy assets, because these assets cannot be converted back into cash. The vast majority of real money games are gambling related casino games, including blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat. Bingo can also be played as a real money game both online and offline in bingo halls.

'Real Money Games' Explained

Say a player deposits £500 in an online casino. This money would be held in his account as cash until he decided to play at the tables.After some deliberation, the player decides to play blackjack and converts £250 of his funds into gaming chips or 'tokens' of the same value. These tokens can then be used to take part in real money blackjack games.After two hour’s play on the blackjack table, the player is up £100 and his tokens are now worth £350. The player decides to call it a day and leaves the blackjack table. At this point his playing tokens are converted back into a cash value. He now has £600 in his account which he can either withdraw or exchange for gaming tokens to play again.If you have ever wondered why casinos use chips instead of hard cash, the answer is simple: players are less likely to associate chips with real money, making them bet more recklessly. Or so the theory goes...