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Rainbow Bet

What is a 'Rainbow Bet'?

A rainbow bet might refer to any wager made in 'rainbow blackjack', a variation of the game in which players bet on the hands of others as well as their own. A twist on the theme also exists in 'rainbow roulette', which has the same principles. More often, a 'rainbow bet' refers to a pile of differently coloured chips of varying values, either stacked unknowingly or with the intent to mislead others at the table.

The 'Rainbow Bet' Explained

There are some forms of blackjack and more rarely roulette, which allow side bets on the outcome of the wagers of other players. As well as playing the standard rules with straight wagers on your own play, you could bet for example that the player to your left will go bust on the next turn, or that the dealer will beat the player at the far side of the table. To make it easy for the player and the dealer to call and track these bets, each player is assigned a colour and the player bets an amount on that colour. The rainbow variant is uncommon and is thought to have originated in the Deep South. It is seen in some casinos, often as a limited promotional game.A rainbow bet is also a general casino term referring to a stack of chips which is comprised of different values and therefore colours. The chips may have been stacked improperly, perhaps by a novice. It might also be a strategy by the player to mislead the others at the table, including the dealer, by throwing them off the scent while suddenly raising. In blackjack, rainbow bets might be used to disguise card counting, at least until the bet is made and confirmed, because the table will be obliged to pay out on the win.